My name is Luke and I have a day job as a documentary filmmaker but I’ve been moonlighting as a fantasy baseball draft writer for over a decade under the name Mr. Cheatsheet.

I started this series as a copy of Ricky O’Donnell’s fabulous work at Tremendous Upside Potential. He has spent the past couple of months as a digital coach in NCAA Hoops 2k8 and has turned the Western Illinois Leathernecks into a college basketball dynasty. It inspired me to want to do something similar in NCAA Football 14. Here’s the plan:

We’re going to create the most entertaining and successful college football coach of all-time!

NCAA Football 14 was made by EA Sports and is the last college football video game made by anyone. We’re dusting off that game and running through a long-running dynasty that will slowly chronicle the rise of a man named Coach Luke. Our coaching career started at Akron and is now continuing at Wyoming.

The end goal for the series to make Coach Luke into the greatest college football coach of all-time by winning at least seven national titles. Bear Bryant ain’t got nothing on Coach Luke.

Much like Coach Rick before us, I am not actually controlling the team’s actions on the field. It’s a CPU vs CPU simulation that we watch. In other words, I don’t actually “play” the games. I handle the team’s recruiting and pick a playbook and handle the coaching upgrades that the game bestows upon us. From there, I watch, as a fan, to see how the team does.

A quick primer on the series

For the first fourteen seasons of this series, Coach Luke was the beloved head coach of the Akron Zips. LeBron James became a vested Zips fan. He financially backed the building of LeBron James Stadium which helped the Zips eventually move on to the Big Ten Conference. We had many legendary players such as QB Kenneth “K-Dubs” Washington, QB Cortez Haumiller, CB Anthony Morris, DE James Smith, and many more.

You can read through that entire first chapter of this series in order by going through the posts at the bottom of this page. However, you can read a history of the Zips here as told by the readers of the series:

Read through the Akron chapter in order

A primer may not be enough for you. You may want to read the whole damn series. Good on ya! Here are links to all of the posts in order:

[Spoiler] Then, read through the Wyoming chapter here

Yes, if you’re just scrolling through, you can see that the Akron chapter ends at one point and a new chapter at a new school begins for Coach Luke soon after. That school was Wyoming and you can read through those chapters here:

And, for bonus content, the readers here wrote up some wonderful faux oral histories and look-backs at past players. Read it here.

Twitch streams

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It’s free to join up there so you can comment and joke with us as we travel on this simulated journey.

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